100% Automated Trading
Our Expert Advisors place, monitor and close trades so you don’t have to. Just set it and forget it.
Compatible With All Currency Pairs
Trade Machines are built to work on any currency pair that you would like to run it on.
Rigorously Tested
The Fade Machine has been rigorously tested on over 7 years of data with multiple currency pairs.
Demo Account Compatible
All Trade Machines are demo account compatible so that you can test them out before going live.
Complete Transparency
Live results for The Fade Machine are posted instantaneously from our trade server giving you inside access to our system results.
Automatic Broker Integration
All of the Trade Machines are built to automatically configure themselves to your specific Forex broker environment.


The Fade Machine is the best system I have seen so far in automated trading.

Tim L.
Berkeley, CA

Great system. Works flawlessly, top notch customer support. It has behaved just like the backtests in real money accounts. A feat I have never seen before. I would recommend people take a look at the theory behind it as I believe it will work long term.

Jim R.
Boston, MA

Finally, a shining star among all the heaps of garbage expert advisors out there.

Mark S.
Boulder, CO

The Fade Machine trading system is certainly close to providing the first commercial expert advisor that fulfills my criteria for long term profitability to the letter.

Daniel Fernandez
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